Friday, October 31, 2008

Worst Halloween Costumes!

My Halloween costume was of course Sexy Robot. But not everyone is as fortunate, and handsome. Here are some of the very worst Halloween costumes ever:

Here we have one of my favorites. Farm Land Costume. Either that or a really horrible Batman Costume. This costume is stupid, I don't even see corn. Burn in hell.

bad halloween costume

Every year, Billy looks up at me and says, "Daddy can I go as a bunny with a sword for Halloween this year?" And every year I strike him, and say, "No, I am not your dad, I only do community service here!"

bad halloween costume

People always use Halloween as an excuse to be sexy and show off the goods.

bad halloween costume

I know what you're thinking. Who the hell has a Spy Kids poster?!

bad halloween costume


bad halloween costume

This guy ... don't be this guy:

bad halloween costume

Cat With Panties On It. I didn't have money when I was a kid, so this was my costume every year : / Except for the year I went as Jockstrap On Dog. I saved up that year.

bad halloween costume

Such an easy costume. Don't go as this. Every one goes as an office phone.

bad halloween costume

Awe! Use it and you end up on Dateline.

bad halloween costume

How I choose to live my life:

bad halloween costume

But the very Best Worst Halloween costume of all time, the reigning champion is .... Whatever The Holly Jeebus This Awesomeness Is!!!

bad halloween costume

Happy Easter Everyone.

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teena said...

omg these are so good, so bad but so good

liddy said...

i love this site

Anonymous said...

that last one is going to give me nightmares!

Anonymous said...


but that one isn't venom

Anonymous said...

I wish i had seen this earlier, I would have picked a better costume.

sara s. said...

I would have liked seeing pictures of you as the panty cat. Next year maybe?

Anonymous said...

so many costume ideas for next year!

t.j. said...

the guy with the guns looks like my dad : /

tipp said...


Anonymous said...

i've been all of these

sammy s said...

hahaha the guy with the guns ... sick!

sasha l said...

so many great ideas, i think i'll go as the last one next year

lyds said...

i love panty cat!

mika said...

omg that last one is going to give me nightmares!

g l s! said...

great list! lolz

jay tee bee! said...

i'm going to combine all of those costumes for next year

Sarah Collins said...

The last one actually is brilliant. It's supposed to be the lime helmet kitten:

Anonymous said...

the limecat costume is awesome!

jacko said...

i like all of them and my favourite was the hairy guy that had all of the guns.