Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Caturday Christmas!

It's Tuesday and it's December 30 ... you know what that means? It's Caturday Christmas! Yes!!! Thank you so freakin' much jeebus!!!!! wooooo!!!!!!!!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and you got lots of presents from your nice families and everyone was sooooooo happy and felt sooooo loved. No really, seriously, i'm not being sarcastic. I hope sooo, sooo much, more than anything really, that YOU had the best time ever, and YOU will have warm memories for the rest of your entire freaking life!

Oh gawd, i can't even put into words how much i wish you had an amazing Christmas! It actually hurts my insides because that's how much i'm hoping. That's how much i want YOU to have such great freaking cherished memories. It makes me want to stab myself in the face with a tent pole, that's how much i want you to have had a great Christmas!

Now look at some cats!

caturday christmas

caturday chrismast display

caturday christmas

caturday christmas

caturday christmas

caturday christmas

caturday christmas

caturday christmas

caturday christmas

caturday christmas

caturday christmas

caturday christmas

caturday christmas

caturday christmas

caturday christmas

caturday christmas

caturday christmas

Yay! Catmas was awesome! Next year: Kwanzaa Cats. So start sending me all the pictures you have of your cats sleeping on gords. And I know you have lots of them, you people are very sick.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Rare Exports: Father Christmas!

rare exports

Happy Chanuhowever-you-spell-it-Kwanzaafest everybody! Do you know a kid? Does he or she or it ask you about Santa Claus? Does it want to know where Santa comes from? Well grab the kids from in front of the television that you use to parent, and place the kid in front of the computer instead, so it can learn the true story of Santa.

NSFW (really)

Part 1.

Part 2. (also NSFW)

There now you f'd up your kids forever. Congratulations and Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My New Sponsors!

With the baller-ass success of this horrible website I've been lucky enough to acquire some great sponsors. I have google, i-tunes, and amazon.com, all top notch companies. But with these troubling economic times, I've found it necessary to take on some lesser known companies as sponsors.

I'd like to welcome the good people at Appalachian State, their university is truly hot, hot, hot.

Do you have an important event coming up? Are you a local business looking for a jazzy commercial to attract more clients? There is really only one place to go, that's Fred and Sharon's Movies.

Want a fast and exciting career in the video game industry? Watch this, and remember, your mom's a lying whore:

You gotta a car? Want to drive it and not be crippled with the overwhelming fear of having no other choice but to run from the police after crashing into the side of a school bus after the days first drink? Well then you need insurance, Eagleman Insurance.

Don't forget to visit my sponsors so I can continue to disappoint all of you!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Lazy Town Lil Jon Mashup!

lil john

Don't watch this ... it's just wrong. So wrong.

Of course you're going to watch it, and the song will be in your head for decades. You will be 95 years old, and the last thing you will be thinking, before the cold hand of the reaper takes you to purgatory .... is "it's a piece of cake to bake a pretty cake ... beotch"


More (less wrong)Mashups:


Bert & Ernie:


Tuesday, December 09, 2008

World's Smartest Mouse And His Drunk Knife Wielding Brother

cat mouse

World's Smartest Mouse:


Drunk Knife Wielding Mouse:


Sunday, December 07, 2008


Meow ... no. Ruff ... yes.

After relentless and constant pestering from friends, it's time ... time for ... DOGURDAY! YES! THANK YOU SOOOOO FREAKIN MUCH JEEBUS!

No need to write my life's story about it, look at dogs!

dogurday lol

dog fail 3

dog fail

dog fail 2

dog fail 4

dog combover

lol dog

replace dog

look at this dog!

a spy

easter dog

prison dog

eyebrow dog

indiana jones fail


dog bed

halo dog

cat cheezeburger fail

Yes! Oh sweet lawd in Oprah, we thank you for this great bounty of epic win and dog! It's like a Korean's prayer. No no ... that's not true. I've had Korean friends, they never ate dog ... of course they were so full of cat. Happy Hanukkah everybody!

P.S. Check back, like all the time this week. I have lots of new updates. And tell your friends, even your mom. Actually, don't wake her. I'll let her know when I leave in the morning.

Love, MRN.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Caturday: No Cat Edition!

Caturday is like my period and late again : / But everything is ok now because it's a brand new Caturday .... with no cats.

I'm taking a little break from cats right now, it's not that things with cats are bad, it's just that I think both cats and I should photoshop pictures of other animals for a while. I have needs and right now cats aren't meeting them. Sometimes, I feel like cats don't even care that I add words to pictures of them.

So maybe an aardvark will, or a beaver, or a walrus, or a lemur. I don't know, I don't know what I want anymore, but I know that if photoshopping pictures of cats was meant to be, it'll come back, and it'll be wonderful, and really, really stupid.

hamster lolz

hamster lol

tea party lol

kate moss lol

girlfriend lol

locked out lol

polar bear lol

horse lol

squirrel lol

giraffe duck

bird watch fail

seal lol

lol duck

following me

flying wrong

That felt right. Yay another successful non-cat Caturday! Thank you once again Jeebus!