Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Top Ten Homeless Signs!

With this very difficult economy, one thing we can all appreciate is: homeless people doing jokes. We're not going to help them with the whole "house thing," but maybe we'll give them a nickle so they can feed their drug and alcohol addictions and continue to slowly kill themselves. Ba da ching. OMG this is the most depressing post ever!

So here are the top ten homeless signs!

10. Kidnapped Wife

homeless sign lol

Obviously sponsored by Signature Bakeries. I really like the art direction of this piece. The homeless man also gives us, the audience, a clear direction on this literary journey with the use of ornate arrows. This reminds us to read the word that is written next to the word we have just read. It's an ingenious device that expands our understanding of scholasticism. Also he smells like poop and pee.

9. Will Eat

will eat for food

On old one, but a classic. Favored by the more hefty of the dirty hippie population. A popular variation is the "will drink for beer." When you see a hippie with this sign, tase them.

8. No Legs

no legs homeless sign

When God gives you lemons, drink yourself to oblivious, and pass out on a rail road track while trying to fiddle with yourself, then wake up legless with an awesome sign idea. We've all been there.

7. They Blew Up My Death Star

Death Star Blown Up

My favorite kind of homelessness: science fiction related.


Klingon homeless

Again ... best kind.

5. Need Money For ... WiFi

www I'm homeless dot com

Homeless people need the intraweb too. What are they supposed to do? Look at porn in just magazines?! You heartless monsters.

4. Gandalf

homeless wizard

Average sign, but if you look like a Wizard I will give you money. Before the credit crisis, this is how our economy worked.

3. Get In My Stable

pimp sign

Not really a homeless sign, but I appreciate the effort. In a completely unrelated note, I just got a new job :/

2. Snip Snip

vasectomy sign

It's not exactly "need money for food" but you gotta appreciate a man with a goal. His gain is the world's loss. If any man should father children, it's this man. I wish he was my dad. I wish he was everyone's dad.

1. This Guy

awesome guy

If you aren't like the vasectomy guy, then get down on your knees, and pray. Pray that you someday have a son who grows up EXACTLY like this man. This man is why caveman painted on walls. This man is why America is great. This man is why God is good. This man is why the sky is blue, grass is green, and Carson Daly strangles prostitutes. This man is why we get up every morning, put our tights on, and go to work. This is what we're fighting for overseas. If you don't love this man, you don't know how to love.

He's not homeless. He probably lives in a castle.
He's not blind. He probably has hawk-like sight.
And he's not sorry. Nor should he ever be.

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Wonder Woman, MRN Sexy Robot, Elin

Thank you to for the shoutout. You my bro now.

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Rach said...

The last guy looks exactly like my dad!

Warf said...


linds said...


Anonymous said...

You shouldn't make fun of the homeless.

MRN said...

And your mom shouldn't have done crack when she was pregnant with you.

Thanks for visiting the site. Tell your friends.

Anonymous said...

MRN, that was mean. I'm just trying to help you to be more responsible on your website.

- L.S.

MRN said...

Hey L.S.,

Thank you soooooo much for trying to help me be more responsible. Too bad your mom wasn't responsible all those years ago, when she invited a dozen guys from a half-way house to come over to her room at the Y and have sex with her. You'd never have been born :0

Make sure to email this site to all your friends! Thanks for commenting : )

Sars said...


McGrrrr said...

haha this iss great!

Rick Garret said...

Gandalf has really nice penmanship.

great stuff

Techno Viking said...

All your posts belong to me!

april : ) said...

this site just keeps getting sexier and sexier

stefan said...

omg the wizard! hahaha

Elin said...

awesome, i've been linked. not really that funny of a costume anymore though, now is it?

Errly said...

LOL whoever L.S. is, I bet she doesn't say shit to you again!


CaptainMorgan said...

I'd give number 7, 4, and 1 money, the rest i'd give some soup. great stuff

limey said...

no "wtf" tag? haha

sean said...

You should start writing a movie for an original sci-fi saturday feature. With any luck, Kevin Sorbo will agree to star in it.

Kashi said...

I'm not sure who i'm a bigger fan of. Techno Viking or This Guy.

It's a close call.

L. Ratigan said...

I'm an advocate for the homeless, and I didn't find anything offensive about this. Actually it was extremely funny!

matt k said...

awesome post

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I saw one a couple years ago the said "My dad was killed by ninjas, need Karate lesson $"

LS if you're from seattle i might be one of your dads