Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Things I decided NOT to do on


Things I decided NOT to do on MRNspace.com:

- 10 hottest autistic girls

jessica simpson autistic

- 10 sexiest things to fall out of my butt

fell out of my butt

- Spencer Pratt’s thoughts on global economic policy

spencer pratt great mind

- Which animal vaginas I can fit my head into

giraffe vag

- Which animal vaginas I can NOT fit my head into

meow cat ouch

- Old women I get sexual gratification by being belligerent to

hot old lady

- Why my balls itch

street whores

- Why I can't really feel love without money changing hands and the midget sitting on my face

midget weird

- Why you make me so sick I want to poop, poop out of anger, and then just, I don't know ... like touch my poop with my hands, and just, not like pick it up or anything, but just sorta poke it, and show you that I'm poking it. You'd be all like "what the hell are you doing MRN?!" And I'd be all like, "I'm so mad at you, that I pooped, right here in the middle of Target and now I'm sticking my thumbs in it because I hate you! I hate you and your stupid face, and your stupid ass, and your face again, and your arms and everything. You are a jerk. This is how much I want you to be a dead person and just die and and and you suck and you are a whore!"

angry poop

- Afghan or Afghani? (I was going to show pictures of rugs and members of the Taliban and see if you could guess which was which, harder than you think)

afghan or afghani

- Something you people actually want to see

twilight sparkle


Linds said...


NarZ said...

i think u should do ALL of these things!

lisa v said...

i has to peeeeee

Anonymous said...

i agree you should do these!

Samantha W said...

ever think of doing an MRN children's book?

Grrr said...


chex said...

I want to see the hotest autistic girls! for realz MNRspace! do it!

Anonymous said...