Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Best Facebook Status Updates!

Yikes Mark, your mom doesn't know boundaries. Oh and Melissa's a whore.

Yes Kelsea, seriously. Learn to deal.

Caitlynn, I'm really getting mixed signals on this one.

Damn right Matt, your goatee is AWESOME!

And for the nerds:

Gawd Damn Peaches?!

Uh, awkward.


Nathan said...

Lmao. Peaches. Epic.

Linds said...

MRNspace where have you been?!!!!!!! It's been forever i'm so excited for a new post you dont even know! haha! love this!

ZUEL069! said...

hehehehehehe glad to see a new post! so great

Jill said...

hahahaha! who'd have known tails was gay for sonic.

and matt...your goatee is totally stupid.

Tash! said...

U should be my facebook friend. I have even more embarrassing posts than this! haha

Sars said...


Anonymous said...

: ) !!!!!!