Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Google Search Recommendations?!

Google is a great way to find porn find information that you need. Information about porn any number of topics. However, either through mischief, or through accident, a lot of Google's search recommendations take you to a place you might not have intended to go. Sort of like that time I drank too much in that truck stop bathroom and fell asleep. I ended up making new friends and new appointments to my proctologist. That's a joke about being anally raped. ba da ching

Here are some of my favorite Google Search Recommendations! Part 1.

Can he?

... Yes. It's in the bible.


... Because you're whore.


... I'm responsible for most of those questions. Sorry : /

Fat Girlfriend.

... Your girlfriend weighs 310 pounds, and it's the best you will ever get because you are technically retarded and you have no genitals.

Italiano Browno

... Everybody likes a little bit of brown sugar in their cannoli every once in a while. That's a spicy meatball yo.

There are so many of them!

... again, my bad on this. I think I'm mostly responsible for it. It's just that, they have no peripheral vision and I fear that.

Of course they do.

And yes to all the pube questions.

I'm fun at picnics.

... your fruit salad is going to taste awesome!


... roar.

Chris Hanson.

... but I mostly hope she made lots of spaghetti.

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Tamela J : () said...

LOLZ!!! I love these mrn! And your damn right about brown sugar! : 0

Anonymous said...

i like turtles!


Sars said...

haha! that's so weird

Anonymous said...

Wow, MRN. I Laughed My Butt Off When Was These.