Monday, February 01, 2010

Music Wars! The Beatles vs The

Rolling Stones vs Elvis vs Cameo

Brand new edition to MRNspace: Music Wars!

4 Musical Acts Enter, One leaves. ... because the others are murdered. Well, not really murdered, but I just pick which one I like the most. And then I spend a year stalking them and murder them. Well not Elvis, he's already dead. But I will murder his family! Wait, wait I think I'm getting confused. Ok, so nobody gets "murdered" but still ... 4 Musical Acts Enter, but only One Survives! And is murdered.


The Beatles

Skills: Awesome Songs, Beard Growing, Fancy Outfits, Ringo

Weaknesses: Dying, Ringo


The Rolling Stones

Skills: Awesome Songs (until the mid 80's,) Immortality, Karate

Weaknesses: Eating Disorders, Massive Drug Abuse, Poor Typing



Skills: Fancy Outfits, King of Rock n Roll, Karate

Weaknesses: Dead, Massive Drug Abuse, Athlete's Foot



Skills: Awesome Songs, Fancy Outfits, Black

Weaknesses: Dead? Maybe, nobody knows, Only one hit song, Black

- Beatles defeat Elvis, it was 4 to 1. Well, really 3 to 1, I'm not counting Ringo.

- Rolling Stones defeat Cameo, which shocked me because Cameo is black. But Charlie Watts stabbed him.

Which left it to Beatles vs. Rolling Stones.

Two Men Enter ... Each Other ... One Man Leaves.

Winner: ?

Your comments will decide.

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Linds said...

Cameo got jipped! But I'm voting Beatles! Love Music Wars MRN!!!

Anonymous said...

Rolling Stones are waaaaaaay better. Sorry Beatles fans but you are gay.

├ąd paperkin said...


Sars said...

Beatles! It's not even close MRN!

IG82 said...

Beatles MRNspace, duh!

Rachella said...

Cameo all the way MRN!

Karlee Reader said...


Hymru K said...

I can't believe Cameo is out!

Sars said...

Beatles MRN, it'd better be Beatles!