Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Best Chatroulette Screen Caps!

Tired of going on Skype to see the penises and boobs of people you KNOW?! Well, thank Jeebus President Obama created a brand new website called Chatroulette.com! On Chatroulette you can go on webcam with complete and total strangers! What could possibly go wrong?

Here are some of my favorite screen captures from Chatroulette!


This is how it began : /

What are the odds?

Nice Tats*

You thought you were sooo special.


You gonna get raped!

I'm talking to the guys.

Do you have exercise in Estonia?




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Anonymous said...

HaHa! I <3 these!

Sars said...

I have to email you a screen capture i have from it. It's crazy!

ZD said...

lolz! I"m gonna try this

Mused :) said...

omg these are awesome!#

Anonymous said...

: /